Jerry Handler

Charlotteville, Virginia

To: Sid
From: Jerry Handler

A little token of appreciation for 40 years of friendship and professional association. My favorite recipe:

Le Chien Chaud à la Cachère (ou, Le Saucisson Juif ):

Un Repas Traditionnel
(Traduit du Français)

Take one saucepan of medium size.
Fill one-quarter way with water.
Boil water.
Remove saucepan from stove.
Place pre-cooked Kosher Hot dog into saucepan.
Cover saucepan with lid.
Let Hot Dog stay in water for 7 minutes.
Remove from water.
Place in specially prepared bun.

Garnish to taste, preferably with mustard and saurkraut


Comments on this traditional dish from celebrated Restaurateurs

Maurice L'Escargot (Tour de l'Argent, Paris): "Exceptionnelle"
Francois Hommard (Maxims, Paris): "Incroyable, mais vrai"
Jacques Le Beurre (Au Petit Cochon, Bordeaux): "Une Merveille"
Guillaume Le Saucisson (Le Gueule Merveilleux, Nantes): "Formidable"
Claude De La Merde (Bistro Bardot, Cannes): "Super, super, super"
Bernie Shmatah (Katz's Deli, NYC): "Such a dish you never had in your life!"