Jane Guyer

(with technical assistance from Bernie Guyer)

Baltimore, Maryland

For Sidney Mintz on his 70th (and now 80th) birthday

(Sung—as melodiously as possible—to the tune of "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud."
With apologies to Flanders and Swan.


Sid, Sid, glorious Sid
There's no-one quite like him
Whatever they did.
So foller me, foller,
And let us all holler
A birthday "Halleluyah!"
For glorious Sid.

A bold anthropologist was observing one day
(While, of course, participating away)
That the best combination of beaches and food
Was not Kiriwina but Montego Bay.
So he worked in the cane,
Sang a Creole refrain,
Probed the local specificities
Of Gresham's Law,
And with pratik and fervour, he gave us forever
Transformations of sweetness to power...
 ....and vice-verser.


Sid, Sid..... etc.

Best wishes for many more birthdays and songs!